Feeling Anxiety, Stress, Worry?


The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam

 Feeling anxious about an up coming event. Feeling anxious about something you have already done and feel like you could have done it better. Feeling anxious about the future?

I can help you manage the anxious moments one challenge at a time.

Anxiety can lead to panic attacks and if you're already there you know you want to change.



 Are you feeling like the walls are caving in and you can't hold them up for much longer, whilst keeping up the brave face you wear to your colleagues, clients, friends and family?

Stress and prolonged stress can cause physical illnesses.

Put a stop to the stress, learn how to manage it in a way that is complimentary to your lifestyle.

Financial Worry

The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam

 Worry is that one thing we don't need. It helps nobody to get where they need to be. There is a saying about how worry doesn't fix the future nor does it heal the past it just destroys the present moment.

I can now offer money saving opportunities to the majority of home owners and those over 30 and that are renting. For more information click here to register your interest and arrange a call back.

Areas of Support

The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam

 Feeling undecided - a serial procrastinator?

Ever thought about those things that keep happening to you?

Feel like it is somehow your fault?

Do you feel happy to spend money on others and bad when spending money on you, or the opposite?

Looking to improve your health?
Want more self-esteem?
Want a more balanced life?
Help with spelling?
Relationship coaching?

Carrying Guilt?

Life coach

 Have you done things you feel bad about? Regret not doing something? 

Are you ready to let go of the guilt? 

Will the feeling just not shift? 

Is it affecting you now and stopping you from moving on? 

Want to move on with your life? 

Have you tried to get closure before? Are you ready to let it all go?

Guilt can reduce the bodies healing ability. Lets start putting a stop to it now and get you to a guilt free life. 

Safia can assist you live a guilt free life. You can learn from your experiences and not have the negativity that surrounds the past. 

Other Areas of Support

The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam

 Safia can help you with coaching, mentoring and therapy. In addition, there are offers of one on one coaching to those who are:

- In low mood/sad;

- Looking to lose weight;

- Quitting an addiction.

We all know there is a long waiting list for counselling and other 121 support. Safia can offer support to those who need it more immediately with relatively quick results – usually counselling spans over many months and most issues mentioned above can be resolved in a number of sessions, depending on your needs.