About Coach Safia

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Meet Safia the Mindset Coach

Introducing a true anomaly, Safia is an independent, intelligent and inspiring woman and aims to be “There For You When You Can't Be”. That's the motto of her organisation. Due to her drive, discipline and determination she has been successful in all her ventures to date. She has an innate ability to achieve whatever she puts her mind to. 

Safia went to college in Bury, her home town in England. She studied in Manchester, after which she went into full time work and became a property landlady in 2006. She continued to work at a well-known bank before going part time and launching her self-employed business.

Whilst running her business, she realised she wanted to do more to help the world and so she also became a Health and Well Being Coach. She has had a passion for helping people and doing so to the point where she helps clients overcome hurdles, get further in their life goals; whether that be in business, career, social, family, health or relationships as well as building confidence and helping you deal with anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and other negative emotions.

Now experienced and certified in a variety of fields she is in a fantastic position of knowledge, she can draw from her own and others life experiences to benefit you today.

Safia has become an independent ambassador for Tropic the ethical, vegan and carbon neutral cosmetics company. For more information and to shop click here.

Safia has continued her desire to help people by joining a fantastic company that can help you save on your everyday essentials click here for more information.

What motivates Safia?

What I enjoy the most about my career as a mindset coach is the great satisfaction I get out of helping people, whether that is to improve their lives, achieve a goal, overcome an obstacle in their life, find success at work, home, with relationships or other areas. I help people through the challenge and guide them to attain their goals!

Now with my Tropic business I can help more from a physical and beauty aspect. Click here for more information

I have recovered from my own illness and was asked to write a blog about it in 2017, which can be read here.

About Coach Safia