Therapy Services

Anger Management

Anger Management The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam


Growing Through Strength could help you deal with the reason for your anger. We can then work together on dealing with and process the anger in a controlled environment and prevent it from arising, it all depends on you. Growing Through strength can also work on what to do if anger does arise in the future, how to calm or deal with the feelings constructively and immediately prevent anger from appearing from the depths of the subconscious.

Anger has been thought to contribute to heart attacks and heightened cholesterol.

You can focus on your anger or choose to let it go and focus on the immediate future and the challenges you face in a different way.

Overcoming Sadness

Overcoming Sadness The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam


Growing Through Strength offers a tried and tested strategy to overcome sadness. When you take a step back and look at your life from a different perspective, so much can become clear. Getting to that place and staying there is where Safia can help. Do you want to achieve something however feel under pressure, perhaps due to the lack of motivation caused by the sadness you feel? 

Sadness can contribute to a weakened immune system and depression.

Safia can help your subconscious deal with the sadness and help change your thoughts of sadness to more positive thoughts. After this is resolved you may find you have more that you want to continue to work on - improving you to be the best you can be.

Anxiety / Fear

Anxiety Management The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam


Have you ever wanted to do something however been too afraid to try?
Maybe you had a bad experience and now you're afraid of it happening again?
Do you fear things others don't?

Safia can support you in dealing with your fear. Help facing your fears in a safe and controlled step by step process that is at the speed you need to go. Fear can trigger excessive stress, PTSD and phobias. If you have a phobia (an irrational fear of something others don't find fearful). Depending on the severity of your fear and how much work you are able to do between each session you can attain results in a relatively short period of time, we are all individuals and work at our own pace.

Carrying Guilt

Guilt Hurt The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam


Have you done things you feel bad about?
Regret not doing something?
Are you ready to let go of your guilt?
Will the feeling just not shift?
Is it affecting you now?
Stopping you from moving on?
Want to move on with your life?
Have you tried to get closure before?
Are you ready to let it all go?

Safia can assist you live a guilt free life if you truly want to learn from your experiences however not have the negativity that surrounds the learning you have achieved. With the methods used the feeling of guilt can go only when you let it - each of us is individual and therefore the treatment is unique to each person. Safia will speak to you, gain a deep understanding from the initial session and then work on removing the guilt in subsequent sessions.

Guilt can reduce the bodies healing energy. Lets start putting a stop to it now and get you to a guilt free life.

Weight Management

Overcome Fear The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam

Have you tried weight loss programmes and found they've not worked as well as you had hoped?

Are you on a weight loss programme and feeling no motivation to go or stick to it?

Have you lost some weight and now stuck with the final bit?


Do you need a push to get started on managing your weight?

I have been working with weight loss clients and can offer a bespoke package starting from £37.50. This can be done after I having spoken to you for a brief time can help you overcome the hurdles of weight loss that you are left more confident, relaxed and motivated about your weight management.

Other Areas of Support

Phobias The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam


Safia can help you within mindset coaching, mentoring and therapy. In addition, there are offers of one on one coaching to those who are:

- In low mood/sad;

- Quitting an addiction.

-Suffer from anxiety.

We all know there is a long waiting list for counselling, CBT, etc. Safia can offer support to those who need it more immediately with relatively quick results – usually counselling spans over many months and most issues mentioned above can be resolved in a number of sessions, sometimes further therapy maybe required it depends on you.