Weight Management

Anger Management The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam

  Have you tried weight loss programmes and found they've not worked as well as you had hoped?

Are you on a weight loss programme and feeling no motivation to stick to it?

Have you lost some weight and now stuck with the final goal weight?

Do you need some support to manage your weight?


I have been working with weight loss clients and can offer a bespoke package. I can help you overcome the hurdles of weight loss so you are more confident, relaxed and motivated about your goals.

Overcoming Sadness

Overcoming Sadness The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam

 Safia offers a tried and tested strategy to overcome sadness. When you take a step back and look at your life from a different perspective, so much can become clear. Getting to that place and staying there is where Safia can help you immediately. 

Do you want to achieve something however feel under pressure, perhaps due to the lack of motivation caused by the sadness you feel? 

Sadness can contribute to a weakened immune system and depression.

Safia can help you deal with the sadness and help change your thoughts of sadness to more positive thoughts. 

Executive Coaching

Anxiety Management The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam

Working in or on a business idea and need the correct tools to support you? 

Do you want to know where to look for that support?

Safia has over a decade of experience in business progression and management running businesses as well as working in them.

Having helped individuals progress in their careers Safia now offers executive coaching to start up businesses. Seeing them through their first few years and beyond.

For more information get in touch with Safia directly so she can discuss specifics.

Health and Wellbeing Products

The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam

  Have you realised you might not be putting the best products on your skin? 

Are you at a point where you are looking to to improve the health of your skin and beauty regime?

Are you looking to become healthier in mind and body?

Answered yes to any if the above?

Book in to learn about the products I offer. You can use cruelty free, vegan products that have a neutral carbon foot print!

Small private pamper bookings being taken now or shop online now

Anger Management

The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam

 Safia could help you deal with the reason for your anger. We can then work together on dealing with and process the anger in a controlled environment and prevent it from arising, it all depends on you. 

Safia can also work on what to do if anger does arise in the future, how to calm or deal with the feelings constructively and immediately prevent anger from appearing from the depths of the subconscious.

Anger has been thought to contribute to heart attacks and heightened cholesterol.

You can choose to let anger go and focus on the immediate challenges you face in a different way.


The Mindset Coach Safia Aslam

  Have you ever wanted to do something however been too afraid to try? Maybe you had a bad experience and now you're afraid of it happening again? Do you fear things others don't?

Safia can support you in dealing with your fear.

Fear can trigger excessive stress, PTSD and phobias. If you have a phobia (an irrational fear of something others don't find fearful). 

You can attain results in a relatively short period of time, we are all individuals and work at our own pace.

Call or email for more information.